SEO agency for online casino

The Best Traffic Solution You can get for Online Casino websites in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam

With combined website(s) - We have more than 1 million traffic that can help you to scale your online casino business in southeast Asia.

We own few websites that are ranking fairly well in Google, and instead of spending on hiring SEO agency / building your own SEO talent, this solution is so much cheaper and better ROI.

Don't believe us?

One SEO team cost you about USD 10-12K per month, not including SEO expenses such as content writing, link building and softwares .

It takes 4-6 months to even rank for one keywords.

Make sense?

With this advertisement solution, you only pay for RM 2,000 / month up to RM 4,000 per month and generate traffic right away.

The ROI?

If you spent on Google Ads, one click cost you about RM 2-3, in order to generate 1000 clicks per day - that is about RM2000 - RM 3000 per day.

Our solution can beat that with same amount of traffic and only fraction of cost.

Most clients get back investment within 2-3 days worth of clicks - in a month.

Focused traffic: Mega888, 918kiss, pussy888,  Online casino.
Country traffic: Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia.

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